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Curriculum goals are developed by the principals and faculty under the oversight of the administrator. The Abeka curriculum is our base standard but others are used if helpful. The following objectives guide curricular choices:

  • A phonics-based reading program that is strong in teaching of vocabulary and comprehension skills which promote critical reading and thinking
  •  Instruction in the basic arithmetic skills that form a basis for application to problem solving and reasoning ability and in the development of mathematical and logical thinking
  • A teaching perspective that evaluates and reviews literature from a technical, literary, and biblical viewpoint
  • An approach to social studies that views historical facts and man’s behavior in the light of Scripture and instills patriotic spirit
  • A focus on biblical creationism that integrates observable phenomena, inductive reasoning, and Scripture in training students in the inductive method of inquiry
  • An approach to Bible study that balances the impression of biblical knowledge with the expression of God’s Word through the life of the student
  • An appreciation of fine arts as creativity given to man by God, the Master Creator, and as a means of worshipping and expressing admiration for Him
  • Writing and communication skills to allow effective transmission of ideas and principles
  • A goal to challenge students to physical fitness, good sportsmanship, competitive proficiency, and sound health habits
  • The use of computers as a tool for learning (9-12)
  • A broad range of co-curricular activities, as is prudent and financially possible, that reflect the same biblical principles and standard of excellence as do the academic programs
  • Community service projects for students