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Expected Student Outcomes

I Spiritual Formation

In partnership with parents, DCA seeks:
        • To introduce each student to God and the totality of His character.
        • To help each student understand and recognize the magnificence, with wonder and awe, of the creation that we experience each day.
        • To see every student born again into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 1 Timothy 2:4
        • To lead students to understand the heights that can be reached and the accomplishments possible by a life fully yielded to Jesus Christ.
        • To encourage and stimulate, by example, the life of Christ lived out in the lives of our students. Philippians 4:9

II Academic Excellence

        • To demonstrate excellence in researching, reading, evaluating and communicating information. 
        • To provide an instructional atmosphere that challenges the hearts and minds of students to consider biblical truth and to contrast these ideas, values, and beliefs to those that are false and lead to ruin. 2 Timothy 2:15
        • Recognize that mathematical and scientific concepts are human understandings of a universe that glorifies the God of order and design.
        • Develop the skills and desires necessary for life-long learning and pursuit of higher education in any institution appropriate for academic abilities and sense of God’s direction and calling. 
        • To identify and describe key historical events recognizing that God’s intervention directs human history. 

III Cultural Engagement 

        • To equip each student to take his or her place in the world as a servant of Jesus Christ. 
        • To develop Christian leaders that are equipped to handle the challenges of life and affect change in our world with the help of Christ. 
        • To be aware of other cultures in order to obtain a global vision of the Church. 
        • To serve in the local church and community.
        • To develop a positive work ethic, understanding that work has value and giving their best glorifies God.