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The DCA athletic program emphasizes strong competition and development of Christ-like character in its athletic programs. The primary concepts that govern the design and operation of the athletic programs are that DCA will:


      • Prepare students for service to their Lord
      • Focus on building Christian character in a non-classroom setting
      • Pursue excellence in athletics with a Christ-like attitude
      • Prepare students to fill leadership positions in society from participation in athletics
      • Have a positive influence in the life of each student, family, employee, and the school as a whole
      • Prepare for and participate in all contests with winning in mind, but it will never be the most important objective
      • Remember that athletics can be a very visible testimony to the community 
      • Approach all activities as opportunities to provide a witness worthy of our Lord
      • Emphasize concepts of commitment, sacrifice, humility, and teamwork. Individual achievement will be recognized, but always secondarily to team achievement
      • Understand that any glory derived from participation in athletics is the Lord’s
      • Strive to provide opportunities for all students to develop their physical gifts to their maximum potential
      • Strive to build athletic programs of sufficient quality and variety to meet the desires of the families we serve